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Outsourced Accounting Services in the USA

About West to East Business Solutions
As a boutique outsourcing firm, we understand that each business has its own unique needs and challenges. Your unique organizational needs are essential to design and develop a customized outsourcing solution.
West to East Business Solutions offers a consultative approach to designing the best outsourcing solution for your business. By learning about your organizational goals and objectives, we can design responsive, strategic, and appropriate programs that align with your business’s distinctive needs. Our customized approach to outsourcing is why our clients find our partnership to be sound and reliable.
The solutions we present are tailored for your organization, ensuring you receive only the services you need when you need them. Our approach to outsourcing ensures that your organization does not waste valuable time and money on unnecessary services.
What We Do
Accounting is more than just sending invoices out, paying bills, distributing a weekly paycheck, and producing financial statements. If managed correctly, a strong financial infrastructure can help you navigate countless regulations and legal pitfalls. It can reduce overhead, increase profitability, and improve productivity as well as be used as a pivotal, strategic business tool that helps you recruit better employees and motivate them to achieve more while building an invaluable sense of loyalty and trust.
We are your strategic partner who provides customized accounting solutions where you need them most while giving you leading-edge accounting. You will have an entire accounting department for a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant.
If you already have an accounting team and are in need of someone to overlook the department and help take you to the next level - West to East has the perfect solution for you. Our founder and CEO, Nadia Conn, has extensive experience in the corporate world where she worked as a CFO or Controller of the Accounting Department. She can accurately and efficiently produce financial, forecasting, and budgeting statements, coordinate upcoming audits, develop bank and lender relationships, and manage an entire accounting department.
Senior Accountant
Regardless of the size and type of your business, a Senior Accountant can help ease your workload and greatly reduce stress related to maintaining your books. A professional accountant can easily ensure your company's accounting is accurate and well-organized. Senior Accountants coordinate with Staff Accountants to accurately prepare tax return data and provide account analysis, month-end closing, etc. CFO, Senior Accountants, and Staff Accountants of West to East Business Solutions take a team approach in serving their clients.
Staff Accounting
Having your books in perfect order is a must for the successful growth and future of your business. Staff Accountants work tirelessly to maintain accurate records by keeping track of accounts payables, accounts receivables, payroll, journal entries, inventory, and much more. Here at West to East Business Solutions we are happy to assist you with any level of accounting. You can work directly with one of our experienced accountants to help you with bookkeeping tasks or we can provide you with an entire accounting or finance team. Your success is of utmost importance to us!
Автор: West to East Business Solutions, LLC | Посмотреть профиль
Город Москва
Телефон: +1 (480) 751 8614 (W
Сайт: http://westtoeastllc.com
Срок подачи:29-02-2024
Номер объявления:216164
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Outsourced Accounting Services in the USA
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