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Full-service outsourced accounting firm in the USA

West to East Business Solutions (WEBS) is a full-service, outsourced accounting firm based in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Helping your business grow and prosper financially is our number one goal. Our clients are what makes us great.
Thanks to modern technology, we serve our clients worldwide. Our team of dedicated professionals is at your fingertips. Whether you simply need help with bookkeeping or require an executive level of services, WEBS is here to help.
In fact, we enjoy working with businesses in a variety of different industries. We spend time learning about your business, so we can deliver the right combination of accounting services, tax planning, and professional advice that will give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. We will draw on our knowledge of accounting, financial, and business strategies to keep your business on track.
To discuss how outsourcing your financial management needs to WEBS is a perfect choice for your business.
Offer leadership, direction, and management of the finance and accounting team.
Provide strategic recommendations to the CEO/President and members of the executive management team
Manage the processes for financial forecasting and budgets
Oversee the preparation of all financial reporting
Provide advice about long-term business and financial planning
Establish and develop relations with senior management and external partners and stakeholders
Participate in the development and support of the company’s strategic plans
Monitor financial performance
Compile and analyze financial reporting packages
Prepare monthly and annual operating budgets
Develop and manage financial controls in accordance with the company’s procedures
Provide leadership and support to accounts receivable and accounts payable departments
Manage the preparation of payroll for personnel
Maintain an accurate record of financial transactions
Update and maintain the general ledger
Reconcile entries in the accounting system
Record debits and credits
Maintain the trial balance by a reconciliation of general ledgers
Account reconciliation to assert the accuracy of transactions
Use knowledge of local laws to comply with reporting requirements
Monitor any variances from the projected budget
Автор: West to East Business Solutions, LLC | Посмотреть профиль
Город Москва
Телефон: +1 (480) 751 8614 (W
Сайт: http://westtoeastllc.com
Срок подачи:29-02-2024
Номер объявления:216163
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Full-service outsourced accounting firm in the USA
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